FAUST - The Rock Opera in Auerbachs Keller - Tourist Guide

Since 2009 there are regular shows in January of “FAUST – The Rock Opera” in Auerbachs Keller in the city of Leipzig. In 2020 there are no shows due to the event agency involved. The location opened in 1525 as a wine bar. It became famous by Goethe’s FAUST and the legendary Flight on the Barrel. Today it is ranked number 5 in the world’s best known restaurants. The old saying testifies:

he ones travelling to Leipzig’s trade markets,
without having visited Auerbachs Yard,
must keep calm, because it shows:
They haven’t seen Leipzig at all.

The hallmark of Auerbachs Keller is the legendary ”Flight on the Barrel”. According to the myth of the historical Faust, the academic Faust and the devil Mephisto are said to have left the restaurant on a flying wine barrel.

Goethe was a student in Leipzig from 1765 to 1768. During this time he did visit Auerbachs Keller quite often. This inspired him to the scene ”Auerbachs Cellar” in his FAUST. It contains this well-known sentence:

 “I praise my Leipzig!“

Auerbachs Keller got quite known through Goethe’s FAUST. The city of Leipzig has placed a memorial to Goethe. It shows him as a student and it is only 100 meters from Auerbachs Keller.

There is a sculpture of Mephisto and Faust at the entrance of Auerbachs Keller. In the scene “Auerbachs Keller“ Mephisto enchants the students.

Opposite of this there is a sculpture of three students enchanted by Mephisto.

The team of Auerbachs Keller serves you delicious food before the show. A 2-course menu is served for the afternoon performances and a 3-course menu for the evening performances. The food is served in the side wings of the restaurant.

In all side wings there are historical paintings with themes from Goethe’s Faust. This painting is from the “Easter Walk”.

After the meal, people move to the middle corridor of the location which has 200 seats. Goethe’s FAUST will be presented to you in a very special way. The rock opera contains 26 songs und uses only original text by Goethe. It was created by librettist and composer  Dr. Rudolf Volz. A 4-CD box of FAUST I + II with a detailed booklet and a DVD of FAUST I are available.
You can see a trailer on YouTube.

Especially for Auerbachs Keller the rock opera was enlarged with the student scene and the song “The Wooden Table”. Already in the first performance in 2009, Faust and Mephisto leave the student scene with the “legendary flight on the wine barrel”. Thus, it lasted almost 500 years that the myth was shown for the first time. It’s a unique symbiosis of the historical and the literary FAUST.

The show consists of two halves lasting 65 minutes each. During the intermission you will be served a special drink called diabolical “Rocktail”. The program  gives an overview of the songs and the appropriate story line.
The project is supported by the Manthey Event GmbH, the Innside Hotel and the Seaside Park Hotel.

A decorated tram did advertise for the first performance in 2009.

Auerbachs Keller is located in the centre of Leipzig, in the Mädler Passage,
Grimmaische Straße 2-4 (street address)
You can walk over there from the main station.

Music, Libretto, Staging and Production by Dr. Rudolf Volz
Additional Composing and Arrangements by Michael Wagner, Matthias Kohl, Uwe Rodi, Uwe Rublack

Sources: Except for the map and the picture of the tram, the pictures and the texts are taken from the websites of the Auerbachs Keller, Wikipedia, Goetheportal and the other linked sites.

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